Officially: The Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.  

And if you're from out of town, yes, the Cincinnati Airport is in Kentucky.  It's three digit
 name - CVG - is an abbreviation of Covington, the area's largest city.  You can see 
Cincinnati in the upper left card below.


Artist's Projections






This is Cincinnati's Lunken Airport in the 1937 Flood
One of the reasons the Feds chose to put the new larger airport in Kentucky
 was the earlier flooding of Lunken, a.k.a. Sunken Lunken, where the first plane landed in 1918.
 That and the City of Cincinnati couldn't make up their mind about which of three
possible sites should have the new airport.

These days, the airport covers over 8,000 acres in Boone County, but the original 928 acres in the center are still owned by Kenton County.  It's the only instance in the state where one county owns land in another county.

Trans World at CVG in 1957



CVG drawing from Caroline Williams, 1962


John F. Kennedy at CVG, October 8, 1962
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The Greater Cincinnati Airport

The Cincinnati Murals
View them here;   learn their history, here.

Boone County Airlines

The Sky Chef Restaurant, 1947



"Greater Cincinnati Airport, Kenton Co, Kentucky"

The news of federal funding that would make CVG a reality came on September 30, 1942 in a Western Union Telegram from Sen. Alban  Barkley to Kenton County Attorney Wm. Wehrman.  It  read "Covington approved allocation  of two million dollars, three runways.'


left, Stunt fliers, at a September, 1948 air show
right, National Guard planes at the air show.



left, "Two giant airliners refuel and prepare for flight"
center, a B-29 bomber flies in from non-stop from Barber's Point, Hawaii
right, Administration Building

In Kentucky magazine ran a feature on "The Kenton Country Airport" in it's Winter, 1949 issue.
The above five pictures are all from that story.  The text of the story is here.

        The worst crash ever at CVG was TWA flight 128 in 1967.  Read about it at this site.  It landed short, of the airport, at an old Hebron race track.

Air Tahoma Flight 185 Crashes during an approach to CVG in 2004.  You can read the NTSB's report here, but beware it's a huge pdf file.

A horrible crash at CVG was on November 8, 1965, when an American Airlines Boeing 727 crashed into the hill above Constance.   The NTSB pdf is here, but beware it, too is a very large file.


In the 1960's

Aerial of New Construction

Fire, August 8, 1959






Dedication Ceremony
October 27, 1946

The Airport's Official site is here.


There are 11 family cemeteries on the airport
 grounds, all well maintained by the airport.  This chart is
from a Kentucky Post article on them

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