Rabbit Hash in the 1884 Flood


This is the kind of picnic the flood had at Rabbit Hash: Ben Wilson's home is a complete wreck, four rooms floated off and a large drift pile lodged against the main part of the building and badly damaged it, so that it will not be fit to occupy again; his store building occupied by Wilson and Riddell, was saved by weighting it down with stone; the water lacking only three feet of covering it; the goods were all saved. W. H. Nelson's house was carried away. B. C. Calvert's warehouse and stable were moved from their foundations about twenty feet. M. T. Riggs' and Joe Rigg's houses floated, but were kept in place by lines. The dwellings of M. F. Morrison, Stephen Mock, B. F. Bell, Joe Hillis, and Mary Bane were all submerged. The blacksmith shops of P. G. Holmes and M. F. Morrison were almost covered. Down in East Bend Bottoms the water was 8 to 20 feet deep. The farms of J. J. Piatt, same Moore, Omar Kirtley, Fillmore Ryle, Cal Wells and Charles Craig were all under water. To the Rabbit Hash precinct the loss will be thousands of dollars.


from the Boone County Recorder, March 5, 1884