Key to Burlington Plat

1.  Boone County Courthouse (2988 Washington):  There has been a county courthouse on this site since 1799.  Designed by the McDonald Brothers of Louisville, the present Renaissance style courthouse was completed in 1889 at a cost of $19,740.  The cupola was designed by Samual Hannaford & Sons, and built in 1898.

2.  Boone County Deposit Bank (2995 Washington): This neo-classical stgructure was built in 1925 on the original site of the Boone County Clerk's Office.  The building (#14) was taken off its foundation, placed on logs, and roled to a site on the west side of Jefferson Street.

3.  Boone County Jail (2981 Washington): This bungalow, completed in 1928, is the lasdt of a series of small jails erected on the same site.

4.  Central House Hotel (5991 Jefferson): The finest of Burlington's 19th century hotels, this building was built in stages beginning c. 1840. Long a home of Burlington Hardware, the building was converted into a restaurant in 2003 and is now the home of Gracie's Grille.

5.  Boone County Recorder's Office (3012 Washington): This brick commercial structure was built in 1939 and is a blend of neoclassical and Renaissance Revival styles.  It replaced the frame building on South Jefferson Street that housed the Boone County Recorder from the mid-1970's.

6. Latimer-Watson House (3024 Washington): Interesting details abound in this homey house originally built c. 1867 and updated in the early 20th century.

7.  Smith-Jones House (3032 Washington): This bungalow was built in 1927 for the Smith family, and occupied for over 20 years by Alfred and Lydia Jones.

8. Peoples Deposit Bank (5995 Jefferson): Peoples Deposit Bank occupied this 1905 building until merging with the Boone County Deposit Bank in 1928.  It has been an insurance office ever since.

9. Joseph Graves House (5981 Jefferson): This c. 1817 building may be the oldest brick structure in Burlington.  Built facing north, it was originally an office.  Rehabilitated in 2002, it is now occupied by Chips & Salsa.

10. Stephens-Gaines House (5975 Jefferson): This is an outstanding example of mid-to-late 19th century Burlington house.

11. Foster-Sandford House (5982 Jefferson): Built c. 1831, this graceful brick home features a combination of Federal elements and Greek Revival detailing added about 1850.  Lady Burlington B&B opened here in 2006,

12. Burlington Presbyterian Church (5974 Jefferson): Built c. 1835, this building also features both Federal and Greek Revival detailing.  In the early 1900's. It housed a library, and later, the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department. In 2001, it was adapted for the county's property maintenance department.

13. Erstus Tousey House (5963 Jefferson): This beautifully restored house was built as a residence inn the Federal style, c. 1822.  It was rehabilitated by long-time Boone County Judge-Executive in the early 1990's and housed the acclaimed Tousey House Restaurant until early 2006.

14. Gulley-Pettit-Duncan House (5953 Jefferson):  This beautiful little house was built about 1920 on a bungalow plan with exceptional Colonial Revival detailing.

15. McMullen-Ryle House (5958 Jefferson): County Clerk Asa G. McMullen built this house in 1929 and sold it to Kenneth W. Ryle and his wife Aliscia

16. Sallee House (5954 Jefferson):  Now home to Look What I found Antiques, this c. 1840 Greek Revival residence has seen many uses, including that of church rectory.

17. Burlington Methodist Church (5952 Jefferson): Originally Greek Revival in style, this 1837 church, now Burlington Antiques, was completely remodeled in 1923 in a Gothic Revival design.

18. Judge Carroll C. Cropper House (5946 Jefferson): Former Boone County Judge Carroll Cropper and his wife lived in this outstanding c. 1924 Craftsman bungalow for nearly 40 years.

19. John P. Duncan House (2984 Gallatin): This fine c. 1910 bungalow incorporates many Arts & Crafts design elements.

20. Rice-Williams House (2976 Gallatin): This late 19th century house was the home of Kentucky's first woman sheriff: Glenrose Williams. Glenrose took office in 1944, following the death of her father, Sheriff J. T. Williams.

21. Rice House (2966 Gallatin): Will Rice built this house for himself, and the adjacent Rice-Williams House (#20) for his brother.

22. Boone County Clerk's Office (2965 Gallatin): This Greek Revival structure was built in 1853, and is Boone County's oldest surviving government building.  Built on the southeastern corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets, it was moved to the west side of Jefferson Street in 1924, where it served as the Burlington Post Office.  Boone County moved the building to its present site and restored it in 2001.

23. Ida Balsley House (2961 Gallatin): This c. 1925 bungalow with Colonial Revival detailing is thought to have been built for Ida Balsley.

24. Senator Samual W. Tolin House (2922 Washington): Folk Victorian dwelling is featured on this c. 1887 building now restored as a law office.

25. Renaker House (Union Square): Built c. 1830, probably by Benjamin Piatt Fowler, this building was the Boone House Tavern until 1870.  Boone County bought the building in 1867 and restored it in 1992.

Other Burlington Sites (Not on the Map)

26. Dr. Crisler House (6031 South Orient): This stately frame residence was built c. 1900 for  Burlington's Dr. Crisler.  A log pen in the rear of the building dates to the early 19th century.  The property contains a group of period outbuildings, including a privy with lancet-arched windows.

27. Robert Chambers House (6199 East Bend Road): One of the finest Greek Revival houses in Boone County, the Chambers House was built between 1832 and 1836.  The house was built by mason Jessie Kelly with woodwork executed by Thomas Roberts.

28. Benson-Nicholson House (6123 Elwood): Boone County master builder George Nicholson built this Colonial Revival brick residence c. 1940.

29. Burlington School (5946 N. Orient): This 1939 building is one of two Art Moderne schools built by George Nicholson.

30. Hogan House (5878 Jefferson): This c. 1860 log house built with recycled materials was restored in 1997 to house Cabin Arts of Burlington (quilting supplies and gift shop).

31. Willis Graves House (5825 Jefferson): This c. 1830 brick home has been extensively rehabilitated and is now Burlington's Graves B&B Inn.

32. Old Burlington Cemetery (Bullittsville Road): Many prominent Boone Countians are interred in this historic cemetery, which is managed by the Boone County Historic Preservation Review Board.


This information was originally compiled and written by the Boone County Historic Preservation Board.  They're on the web at