M. Gabriel


Gabriel, the murderer of Edwin, will be executed today.  Numbers of people are flocking in from the country, to witness the execution and the “fun” (!!).  The following verse, from a poem by Thomas Dunn English, is very appropriate on this occasion:


Up and make ready, ye lovers if fun!

On with your holiday dress and be gay!

Now that the Sheriff has work to be done,

Business with pleasure, he mingles to-day.

Some may hunting with guns; and a few,

Rods in their hands, little fish may pursue;

Ours is the sport which is sanctioned by law –

We go a-hanging, a hanging! Hurrah!


P.S. 12 o’clock, M. Gabriel has just been launched into eternity.  At the “drop” the rope broke, but they swung him up again; it was useless, however, the poor fellow was dead.


From the Burlington Advertiser, December 14, 1849