Hebron, 1883


Jan. 21, 1883 Out little village has improved very much in the last two years. In that time we have seen seven births and only two deaths. Hebron had at that time 110 inhabitants, and now has 150. It has at present three shoemakers, one dry goods and grocery store, one church, one schoolhouse, one wagonmaker, one opera house and hall, one saddle shop. There is talk of running a railroad through this place. There is more hauling from Hebron to Cincinnati than from any other little town in the state. We think it would pay to build a railroad. Harrison Clore will furnish $25,000. Several loads of hay pass through this place on route to Cincinnati every day, The Hebron base ball club will organize in a few days, and I think it will be the best amateur club in the county. They will play as follows: Henry Quick, catcher; Richard Gordon, pitcher; J. C. Clore, 1st baseman; J. C. Hankins, 2nd baseman; Tope Clapper, 3rd baseman; Bird Clore, shortstop; James Beall, left field; Aaron Carter, center field; Will Clore, right field; L. B. Terrill, Pres. The Hebron 2nd nine will also organize in a few days.


from the Covington newspaper, the Daily Commonwealth, January 31, 1883.