News from Hebron

    "Hebron, Boone County, Ky. – Leaving Constance, a  tolerably good turnpike winds its tortuous course among lofty hill for about two miles, when it attains the summit, and extending westwardly over a gentle rolling country for a distance of a couple of miles, Hebron is reached.  Neat and comfortable looking houses, flanked by beautiful meadow lands, stretching farr back on either side, adorn the road. 

This is a very cheery, cozy looking place, and is the nucleus of a brisk and rapidly increasing trade At present it is divided between two houses: Mr. J. A. Davis and Messrs. Clore & Bro.” 

Improvements for the next season have already commenced.  Mr. J. V. Richardson is erecting a business house, the second story of which will be fitted up for a hall.  Mr. R is the agent of the “Champion Fire Extinguisher Co.,” for the counties of Kenton, Boone, and Grant; also of the “Domestic Sewing Machine Co.” for Boone County.  To meet the demand for increasing business, Mr. J. A. Davis has constructed a new building, to replace the old one, to be completed in May. Mr. John Hoshal has recently purchased the residence of Mr. Stephen Gaines. It is one of the handsomest places in Kentucky. This beautiful thriving village boasts of having no drinking saloon within its limits or within a radius of four miles.  There will be a couple of weddings around here, if nothing happens, this week.  – [signed] Maurice.


from Covington’s Saturday Advertiser, March 29, 1873.