Boone County Chevrolet

Three and one half years ago [1926] the franchise for the sale of Chevrolet cars in Boone and Gallatin Counties was taken over by John L. Vest of Walton, with whom is associated Denver Bassett acting in the capacity of manager of the Boone County Chevrolet Co.  The organization is housed in an especially constructed building on Main-st. with a 60-foot frontage and a depth about the same.  The business is one of the most successful in this territory, and this company is the only Chevrolet dealer in the two above-mentioned counties.  They handle altogether about five hundred cars each year, new and used.  They keep a complete line of Chevrolets on display at all times, including roadsters, phaetons, coupes, coaches, sedans, and trucks. 

A full line of parts of all kinds are carried in stock and most modern and improved machinery will be found in the repair shop.  They employ three servicemen, all of whom are graduates of the Chevrolet Service School and are competent to give the unexcelled service given by this organization to all purchasers of their cars.  William M. Collins of Crittenden is their salesman, and he has been most successful in this branch, being a member of the One Hundred Car Club, a Chevrolet organization.


from  the 1930 Boone County Recorder Historical Edition