Walton Deposit Bank


The Walton Deposit Bank  was established in  1890 with a capital stock  of $25,000,which was increased later  to  $50,000, all  paid  up. Dr. D.M. Bagby is President;  O. Percival, Vice   President; R.C. Greene, Cashier. The bank building  is a very commanding  structure  commodiously   arranged  for the  special  use assigned.  Dr. Bagby is an ex-Confederate soldier,  popular and public-spirited. He is also a  director in  the Walton Perpetual Building and Loan Association. He succeeded Dr. B.D. Allen as President  of the bank. The Vice President,  Mr. Percival, is a very prosperous and   influential  citizen and business  man.   R.C. Greene,  the Cashier, was born in Grant Co., and reared in  Kenton, and has filled the office of Cashier  since inception  of  bank, being  previous agent for C. & S. R.R.  at Brock, Ky. Her married Miss Eleanor Southgate; they  have  one child--a  daughter. Mr. C.C. Metcalf  is the Assistant Cashier and succeeded Mr. C.E. Ford, now with the Fifth National Bank, Cincinnati. Mr. W.L. Rouse, a very worthy young man, is retained as Clerk and Bookkeeper. 


from the 1903  historical edition of  The Boone  County Recorder