Walton Post Office Dedicated


Walton, a town of 2000 population which has had a post office for 140 years, dedicated its new post office building Saturday. 

Prior to the dedication, there was a parade, led by a color guard from the Johnson-McElroy Post, American Legion, and the Walton-Verona High School Band.

Joseph Patrick Nolan, regional director for the Post Office Department, who said he was a former choir boy in St. Mary’s Cathedral, Covington, presented Postmaster D. Hess Vest with a flag which had been flown over the nation’s capitol and the Washington Post Office Building. The flag raising ceremony was in charge of the American Legion.

State Rep. Dan J. Roberts, who introduced Mr. Nolan, termed the Post Office Department “the most efficient department in the U.S. Government.”

Mr. Nolan Called upon members of the band to consider postal careers. “These musicians have shown they can work in unison,” he said. “We need more people in the postal service who can work with the same unison.”

Mr. Nolan brought greetings from President John F. Kennedy and Rep. Frank Chelf. 

Wilford Rice, a former employee of the Walton Post Office, who read a history of the Walton postal service.

There are 11 employees at the Walton Post Office, Included in this number are two city carriers and four rural carriers.

Walton Mayor Kelly Kennedy, who said he was unable to claim any relationship to the President, was master of ceremonies. More than a dozen postmasters from Kenton, Boone and Grant Counties were present.



from Kentucky Enquirer Sunday March 3, 1963