John S. Bradley

Mr. Bradley is a dealer in groceries, hardware, farming implements, lime, cement, plaster, salt, etc. This house was established in 1871 on Upper Street.  In 1878, having erected this large building, including the warehouse in the rear, Mr. Bradley moved his business to this location.  In addition to this, he deals extensively in tobacco.

Mr. Bradley was born in Bourbon County, near Paris, Ky., and was educated at North Middleton.  His ancestors were among the first settlers in Kentucky, his grandmother, a Miss Smyth, being the first female child born in the state [a claim also made by others, fyi].

He served with Morgan through the war in the Eighth Kentucky Cavalry.  After the close of the war he located in Augusta.  Mr. Bradley is a member of the Masonic order, and he is also the present commander of the Confederate Veterans Association.


From an 1897 edition of Headlight: Sights and Scenes Along the C. & O. Route which featured Augusta.