The F. A. Neider Co.

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This firm was established in 1883 as the Excelsior Handle Co., and continued as such for five years. It was then reorganized as the F. A. Neider Co. The business of this firm is the manufacture of carriage hardware and carriage trimmings.

The leading specialties are the peerless curtain fasteners, wrought iron carriage knobs, and wire toe carpet hooks. In addition to these articles they manufacture leather and metal buckle loops of many kinds and varieties, curtain strap fasteners, wagon curtain patches, knob eyelets, Neider's Peerless curtain lights, Peerless top rest, prop-block washers, nuts, rivets, and buttons, besides numerous devices for concealed joints, anti-rattlers, screw hooks, carpet hooks, tacks and nails. The greater part of these goods were patented by Mr. Neider, and nearly all of the machinery used in their manufacture was designed and built also by Mr. Neider. The business of this factory extends throughout the United States and Canada. This business has grown rapidly, but steadily, its promoters being enterprising, active business men.

Mr. Neider's inventions are many, and his genius is constantly on the alert to make new discoveries. The firm gives constant employment to a number of people, and it is an industry of which Augusta is justly proud.


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From an 1897 edition of Headlight: Sights  and Scenes Along the C. & O. Route which featured Augusta.