Augusta Banks to Consolidate

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Augusta's two banks will become one next Saturday [April 19]. The Farmers State Bank and the Augusta Liberty will merge to form the Farmers Liberty Bank.

Business will be conducted in the present banking house of the Farmers State with the combined personnel of the two institutions.

Directors of the two institutions unanimously approved the merger.  In a statement following the consolidation meeting the directors of the new bank said that the strong condition of the new institution will benefit the depositors and be a moon [sic!] to Bracken County.

Officers of the Farmers Liberty are: T. P. Black, chairman of the board; W. J. Moloney, president; F. S. Monahon, first vice-president; W. B. Hagen, second vice president; J. Lytle Moloney, cashier; and Miss Mary Federer, assistant cashier.

The directorate is formed by Mr. Black, W. J. Moloney, Mr. Monahon, Mr. Hagen, Fred Weiss, Earl Charles, Thomas F. Reynolds, Ray Ernst, Dexter Pumpelly, Lawrence Lennox and Roy K. Asbury.


blue on blue

from the Kentucky Times-Star, April 12, 1958.