Milford Calls for Aid

At a town meeting of the citzens of Milford, Ky., which was almost totally destroyed by fire on the 12th inst., a Citizens' Relief Committee was formed for the purpose of soliciting aid for the unfortunate of the village.

It is scarcely possible to find language which would adequately express the pressing needs of the citizens. We have almost one hundred people who are entirely foodless and shelterless. These of are our brothers and sisters are being provided for to the best of the ability of the few citizens who succeeded in rescuing their dwellings from the fiery fiend. Too much stress can hardly be laid upon the utter impossibility of the suffering being alleviated through any home agency. The food supply of the whole neighborhood is very limited, the disaster occurring as it did just after the winter's store of provisions was about exhausted, and before any of the early crops can be looked for.

The condition of these people is deplorable in the extreme, many among those who suffered directly by the fire have lost their all.

The village of Milford has at all times responded promptly to all calls that were made upon her by the unfortunates of flood, fire, or famine.

We now appeal for the aid for ourselves. We need food and clothing immediately. It is also necessary that funds be raised to assist the homeless in replacing homes destroyed. That all may know the extremity of our necessity we will here state the condition of our town before and after the disaster: Total number of businesses before the fire, sixty-two; number destroyed, thirty. Stores for sale of merchandise before the fire, six; number destroyed, six. It will thus be seen that the proportion of homelsss and foodless is too great to find immediate relief in our locality, and, also, how utterly desperate is our condition.

Trusting that our appeal will not be in vain, we are, E. J. Morgan, and D. Mardis, of Citizens' Relief Committee.



from the Louisville Courier-Journal, April 18,1889, which noted "Food Clothing, etc., may be sent either to Augusta or Falmouth, Ky., addressed to the Citizens' relief Committee at Milford. All money should be sent to the bank of Messrs. Allen, Harbeson & Co., Augusta, Ky., payable to the order of H. W.Brown, Treasurer, Relief Committee."