What A Harvest


The Pickpockets Got in Their Work Most Beautifully at Augusta

A great many people went to Augusta's Centennial Saturday, and some are glad while some are sorry.

The  glad ones are the lucky fellows who enjoyed the things that were free, and the sorry ones are those who were victimized by the horde of Cincinnati thieves that were present.

The Ledger has secured a partial list, but does not vouch for its absolute correctness, either to names or amounts.

Charles Kurtz, near Germantown, was robbed of $100; he went to the bank and got $75 more, and was soon relieved of that also.

Leslie Peddicord, Mason county, $217.

George Barkley, Augusta, $13.

Samuel Insko, California, Ky., $17 and a watch.

George Myers, near Germantown, $72.

Mr. Broadwell, Wellsburg, $200.

Lotha Smith, Augusta, $105.

John Zech, of this city, pocketbook containing a couple of German keepsake coins and a railroad ticket.

And there may have been others.

The good people of Augusta, however, are in no way to blame for these happenings.  They had advertised everything free, and there was no need for visitors to take their bank accounts with them


from Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, October 4, 1897