William Tiemann, Jr.



Tiermann In Osnabrick, kingdom of Hanover, Prussia, in 1844, William Tiemann was born, and a year later brought to Cincinnati.  The elder Tiemann was a musician, and the son inherited his father's talent.  He was educated in the public schools, with a course in a commercial college.  The family came to Dayton in 1852.  In 1873, Mr. Tiemann started in the retail grocery trade, and in 1884 established himself at his present stand on [313] Main Street.  Mr. Tiemann has been in public office frequently: he has served as city clerk, president of council, represented the Third ward two terms and the Second ward two terms.  



The GAR (a short history of the organization is at this site) held it's annual encampment in Dayton in September,1898.  All of the Dayton images and texts dated 1898 are from the souvenir booklet prepared for the occasion.