W. G. Parrott


W. G. Parrott was born and raised near Westwood, O., and came to Dayton in 1880.  For a time he was a salesman, and late in the real estate business in Cincinnati.  In 1891 he engaged in that business in Dayton, and since that time has built eighteen homes here.  He lives comfortably in his neat cottage at Vine and Fourth avenue [316 Vine]. The row of handsome modern houses shown above [at Fourth and Berry] was built and is owned by W. G. Parrott, whose real estate office is at the corner of Sixth and Terrace avenues.  OF the many homes built by Mr. Parrott, none have added more than these to the attractiveness of a street or a neighborhood. [Parrott's office was at the northeast corner of Sixth and Terrace.]


The GAR (a short history of the organization is at this site) held it's annual encampment in Dayton in September,1898.  All of the Dayton images and texts dated 1898 are from the souvenir booklet prepared for the occasion.