speers hospital

Speers Memorial Hospital

Speers Hospital

Speers faced West


Speers Hospital

Speers Hospital, circa WWI Speers Hospital in the 1937 Flood

These are views of the back of the hospital.


Elizabeth Speers
Sole Benefactor of Speers Hospital, about whom very little is known

The doors opened October 10, 1897, closed in 1973.  St. Elizabeth bought
 the assets, and the building was razed in 1979.

A few words on the origins of
Speers Hospital are here.

In the early 1950's, Speers published a
cookbook.  Mrs. C. Cornelius' recipe for Rocks is here.


  Speers Hospital, Dayton


Speers in the 1937 Flood

Speers in the 1937 Flood

Speers Hospital Nurses Home

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