troops in fort thomas



Fort Thomas, 1905

Fort Thomas Soldiers, 1917

Band, shipping out
 to the Philippines


Troops training for war with Mexico Drill Grounds South View of Barracks

There was thinking among some parts of the army that African Americans would have more disease resistance in fighting a war Cuba, and should be used in lieu of Caucasian troops.  They came to be known as "The Immunes."  There's lots more on Google if you have an interest, I suggest this site


Fort Thomas, Kentucky, 1937


Fort Thomas Soldiers, 1912

Guard Mount  Soldiers at Fort Thomas


Target Practice,
Fort Thomas

The Barracks, 1907  Off for the Philippines


new  "Orders were issued at the War Department today directing Maj. Dana Palmer and Lieut. Norman McNeil to go to Newport, Ky., for temporary duty in obtaining enlisted men for duty in Siberia. Both officers will leave San Francisco August 15th. "   July 15, 1919 Louisville Courier Journal

new   “Residents of Fort Thomas were startled Tuesday when a sentry, Private Taylor, pursuing another soldier, a prisoner, who was trying to escape, fired two shots at him, one taking effect and fatally wounding him in the groin.  No information as to the identity of the prisoner was given; the authorities at the post refused to make any statement concerning the matter.” Courier Journal February19, 1919

"The Highland police have been ordered to arrest all women who appear at Ft. Thomas after dusk without escorts.   Many complaints have been made in the past few days of the behavior of women who  visit the fort.  These complaints were renewed Monday  evening and led to the new order."  from the Kentucky Post, July, 1898


U.S. Regulars at Fort Thomas The 6th Regiment, 

Heroes of San Juan Hill, before Leaving Fort Thomas, 1898


Moving of US Soldiers from
 Fort Thomas,  at the depot
down the hill in Brent

Outgoing Detachment,
Fort Thomas

Troops at Fort
Thomas, Passing Time


Kentucky State Troops
 Entering Ft. Thomas
Kentucky State Troops
 Entering Ft. Thomas, 1917
Kentucky Troops in
Line for Rations
Preparing Meals,
Kentucky State Troops


Kentucky State Troops
Entering Ft. Thomas, 1917
Regiment of Kentucky State
Troops, stacking Arms

Soldier on Guard,
 Fort Thomas


"To Mr. Richard Eberenz, 310 W. 2nd Street B,  Dayton, Ohio, %Mrs. Paul
Hello Dick. This life is allright in a way, but I say you are lucky to have kept out. Suppose you and Boots are taking good
care of all the girls. Will write you when I move to my permanent post. Be Good. Lee (Newport, 11-12-17)"


Soldiers Entering the
Fort, 1917

In line for rations





  This collection of Fort Thomas images is c. WWII

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