beverly hills

Beverly Hills, 1949

The Beverly Hills Supper Club
 165 People Died Here, May 28, 1977.  The Cincinnati Enquirer's Story is here.


Beverly Hills Matchbook


Beverly Hills Menu
autographed by Ozzie and Harriett Nelson!

The Beverly Hills Catering Menu


The bar.

The gift shop.

The entrance.


Beverly Hills Supper Club

Rendezvous Bar Trianon Room

Entry Foyer


Beverly Hills ad

The Cuban Room

Ladies Lounge at
Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Kitchen


Entrance from US 27 - Alexandria Pike

 Beverly Hills Scenes, December, 1969
That's owner Dick Schilling on the right.



The Menu for the Trianon Room at Beverly Hills




I forget some people aren't old enough to remember where it was . .  .
Google maps to the contrary, you can not drive up Beverly Hills Drive.
It's private property, so no trespassing.
And when you ignore me, wear boots.


If you have even the slightest interest in the Beverly Hills fire, I urge you to get and read a copy of Robert Webster's book, The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire:  The Untold Story Behind Kentucky’s Worst Tragedy, along with contributors David Brock and Tom McConaughy.  Webster's exhaustively researched work not only starts with a history of Newport's corruption, but goes on the make a convincing case for the fire being the result of arson by the mob, and a cover up of that fact by the authorities.  It's in most area book stores, or you can get it online, here.


The 1951 Kefauver Commission's Report had a profit
 statement from Beverly Hills.  It's here.


Beverly Hills was earlier known as The Old Kaintuck Castle.  Long time Newport club
owner Pete Schmidt changed the name to Beverly Hills (after his daughter Beverly),
and remolded extensively

Read more Beverly Hills history at this site.


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