Campbell County
Formed 1794
County Seat Alexandria
Terms of County Court Fourth Mondays in every month, except April and October
Justices of the Peace Samuel Winston, Horatio T. Harris, George Morin, Wm. M, Newman, Thomas Logan, Jesse Yelton, WM. Riley, John H. Nelson, James M'Arthur, Charles Murnan, Thomas Vickers.
Sheriff O. M. DeCoursey
Deputy Sheriff John A. Painter, Alexandria
Clerk Benjamin D. Beall, do.
County Attorney Charles J. Helm, Newport
Jailer Frank Spilman, Alexandria
Coroner James W. Winston, Newport
Constables Charles Daniels, do., Wm. Griffey, Alexandria; James C. Cone, Daniel A. Thatcher, J. Daniel, George M. Young, Lewis Colvin.
Notary Public James Kelley
Surveyor Wm. H. Colvin
Commissioner of Tax Samuel Baker and J. H. DeCoursey
Attorneys At Law John W. Tibbatts. John N. Taliaferro, Charles J. Helm, Ira Root, A. Boyd, Newport; R. T. Baker, Alexander.
Physicians H. R. Rockford, John Orr, A. John, Alexandria; James K. Holynan, Beallmont; -- Shaler, --Cooper, W. B. Ross, Charles Tanner, B. Y. Boyd, Newport; Edward P. Dameron, J. H. S. DeCoursey
Principal Merchants Richard Southgate, Lindsey & Perry, Newport; Benj. Smith, Frederick Brown, Geo. W. Reiley, Alexandria; William L. Young, Beallmont



Data is from The Kentucky State Register for the Year 1847, edited by Taliaferro P. Shaffner, Morton & Griswold, publishers, Louisville, 1847.