Lost Sixty-Nine Years Ago


Sixty-nine years ago, the 4th inst., a party of adventurers from the Eastern States, after a long and toilsome journey, descended the Ohio river, and encamped upon the spot where Newport Barracks now stands.  They were separated for the several “stations” in Kentucky, and turned their steps through the wilderness, first pledging each other, in the spirit that may be termed as prophetically romantic, to meet upon the same spot, of such of them as may survive, in fifty years from that day.  This agreement was made on the fourth day of November, 1782.  In 1832, on the 4th day of November, precisely fifty years after the time of the agreement, four of the five old band met upon the spot to fulfill their promise! One of them was over ninety years of age; the rest were under three score and ten.  After remaining a few days, they turned their steps homeward – not through a wilderness as they did half a hundred years before, but through scenes of busy life, and the hum of industrial millions; nor did they promise another meeting, as that was an event fixed by a Higher will.


From the New York Times, November 13, 1851.