Newport Barracks

Land for an arsenal at Newport, was deeded to the Federal Government by the corporate authority of Newport in July 1803, pursuant to Acts of Congress of April 2, 1794 (1 Stat 352), and March 3, 1803 (2 Stat 241). The arsenal later became the post of Newport Barracks and was located in the city of Newport at the junction of the Ohio and Licking Rivers, across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.

It was used primarily as a recruiting depot or subdepot. War Department General Order 36 of April 30, 1833, established the headquarters of the general recruiting service, Western Department, at Newport. War Department General Order 21 of April 11, 1837, suspended the general recruiting service within the Western Department, but recruiting officers were stationed at Newport Barracks from this period until the Civil War.

War Department General Order 42 of June 28, 1866, reestablished a depot for the general recruiting service at Newport Barracks, which was discontinued by War Department General Order 125 of December 15, 1870.

Apparently a subdepot was then reestablished which was discontinued by War Department General Order 32 of April 17, 1876. In accordance with Department of the South Order 72 of May 27, 1876, Newport Barracks became the headquarters of the 16th Infantry which remained there until October 7, 1878, when it was transferred to Mount Vernon Barracks, Alabama, in accordance with Special Order 132, Department of the South, September 2, 1876. The headquarters of the Department of the South was established at Newport Barracks in obedience to Special Order 77, Department of the South, June 27, 1878, and remained there until October 1883.

Newport Barracks was ordered abandoned by War Department General Order 45 of September 15, 1894. Its garrison was withdrawn on November 10, 1894, and the reservation was returned to the city of Newport on January 1, 1895, in accordance with an act of Congress approved July 31, 1894 (28 Stat. 211).


an official synopsis from the National Archives