Camp Meacham

Some of the things George Zommers remembers about Camp Meacham-

 - The Camp Song:
          Meacham will shine tonight, Meacham will shine.
          Meacham will shine tonight, all down the line.
          We will have fun tonight, won't that be fine.
          When the sun goes down, and the moon comes up,
          Meacham will shine.

- two week camp sessions, with a junior and senior counselor per cabin, and campers from less than ten years old to their teens;

 - The specialties that each counselor was in charge of, such as canoeing, swimming, baseball, tennis, and hobby crafts.  And the other activities, such as comedy skits or movies on some nights,  and swimming competitions when the families visited.

- The campfire at the end of the sessions with the campers and counselors dressed as Indians in loin clothes.  Sometimes the fire was started by the spark of a shorted electrical wire, near a paper cup filled with cotton and gasoline.  The spark was activated by a switch at the end of a buried extension cord.  Other times, the fire was lit - magically! - by a flaming arrow that slid down a wire from the highest limb of a nearby tree.


submitted by George Zommers