Campbell County Convicts
Name Crime County Year Sentence
Burns, James Horse Stealing Campbell 1811 1 year
Padgett, Thomas Murder Campbell 1813 3 years
Right, Joseph Felony Campbell 1814 2 years
Asberry, Robert Felony Campbell 1814 2 years
Barbadoes, Andrew Larceny Campbell 1816 1.75 years
Canley, James Larceny Campbell 1816 2 years
Harris, Charles Larceny Campbell 1816 1.25 years
Lyon, George Negro Stealing Campbell 1818 3 years
McGlasson, James Felony Campbell 1829 1 year
Bates, Levi Larceny Campbell 1830 1 year
Long, David Larceny Campbell 1830 1.5 years
Royce, William Horse Stealing Campbell 1830 5 years



Sneed's 1860 History of the Kentucky Penitentiary gives the name of individuals and, in some instances - not all - the county from which they were sentenced.  Here's the Campbell County list, from 1798 through 1834.  Keep in mind Campbell County covered a lot more real estate in those years than it does now.