Capt. A. Menter

“Menter's Band, led by Alman Edgar Menter, son of Captain A. Menter, the famous leader of Menter's Band of Cincinnati, and who was foully assassinated by a burglar in his own house in Newport, Ky., about two years ago, accompanies Dan Rice's Circus, Young Menter inherits much of his father's ability, and has many friends in this city, as his father before him.” Evansville (Ind) Journal, May 17, 1870

“To Be Hung. - Robinson, the man who liked Capt. Menter, at Newport, Ky., is to be hung to-morrow a week. He was baptised last Sunday” Evansville (Ind) Journal, August 23, 1866

“Sept. 28. - Walter P. Watson for the murder of Captain Menter, was hung at Newport, Ky., this afternoon.” Evansville (Ind) Journal, September 29, 1866

“A. P. Eggleston hung at Newport, Ky., for the murder of the lamented Captain Menter.” Evansville (Ind) Journal, January 3, 1867