Christ Evangelical Church

Since the organization, twenty-two years ago, of Christ Evangelical Church, Ft. Thomas, Ky., growth of the congregation has been such as to demand the erection of two new buildings.  The first building was erected two years after the congregation was organized and still was being supported by the Home Mission Board of that denomination.

Along with the rapid growth of the city in the last few years has come a steady increase in the church membership and the old edifice became to crowded, necessitating the erection of a larger edifice on a more desirable location, according to the Rev. A. G. Schnake, pastor there for three years.

The [current] building was dedicated in June 1928.  With the main church auditorium of a seating capacity of 450 persons, the building has a Sunday school auditorium that will seat 600 persons, and otherwise is modernly equipped in every respect.

The Rev. Mr. Schnake said Saturday that plans are now being made by his congregation to enlarge the present building, by adding an education building, with departmental assemblies and individual classrooms, and a gothic tower.  Efforts will be made to complete this project within the next ten years , he said.

Christ Evangelical Church has a membership of 350, a Sunday school of 250, a Men's Club, a Ladies' Aid Society, Young People's League, Boy Scout troop, various organized groups in the Sunday school and an organized choir.  The church has co-operated with the Protestant churches of Ft. Thomas in promoting summer union services and daily vacation Bible schools.

The Rev. Mr. Schnake comes from a minister's family.  He was graduated from Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Ill., in 1920, from Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, in 1923; served two years as Pastor in Kansas City, Mo., received his B. D. degree from Oberlin College, Graduate School of Theology, in 1926, and since June, 1926 has been pastor of the church in Ft. Thomas.  At present he is serving as president of the Evangelical Ministers' Association of Greater Cincinnati.  He is also president of the Greater Cincinnati Circuit of Evangelical Sunday Schools.


Cincinnati Times-Star, July 13, 1929