A Disgraceful Affair 


At the corner of Isabella and Belleview Street, during the election of the city officials, a colored man was beaten unmercifully by an officer because he questioned him by how he voted, the colored man replied that he would not vote at all; for during the recent flood when coal was distributed among the sufferers, they refused to give him any, yet he was as needy as many others.  So on hearing this reply he used his mace and spoiled the facial expression of this unfortunate man.  Not being satisfied with beating the individual, he arrested him and fined him $10 and cost.  It is reportred that colored men sold their votes for one dollar a piece and that many voted that were under age.  One man died requesting the poll book, to find how many negroes voted against his ticket.


from an undated clipping rom Indianapolis’ The Freeman, An Illustrated Colored Newspaper,  c. 1890.