Heidelberg Gardens


Dear Folks, The Duevells took us to for a free chicken dinner and we have eaten so heartily we are almost unable to get back to Cincinnati and pack up for St. Louis.  This garden is out of Newport, Ky. and is the most popular of the few German gardens which remain in this vicinity.  Years ago there were dozens of these quaint places where German meals are served, but they are not well patronized by the present generation and few have survived. Our dinners were delicious, and served outdoors under the trees.  Afterwards we went to the Blue Grass Inn [below], and I must say, it is one of the most beautiful and best appointed country inns I have [illegible] idea of it from these pictures. The big oak tree is all lighted and at night looks like an immense Christmas tree.  From the platform in its branches one can see the lights in Cincinnati, about 20 [minutes] away.  We had a hard time to tear ourselves away, and stayed so long it was a race to our train or get left.


This  description was spread over the back of three the Blue Grass Inn postcards,  c, 1910.