Newport Hospitals

Dr. J. L. Phythian's Hospital was known as an emergency hospital, although it handled general cases as well.  It was established in the early 1890's, and was located on the lower level, and first and second floor, of a building at 810 Washington Avenue in Newport.  This was the first non-military hospital in Campbell County.  J. L. Phythian, Sr. was the surgeon in charge, assisted by his son, J. L. Jr., and sometimes by his son Charles G., who practiced in Cincinnati.  Other doctors were John A. Jeancon, F. J. Locke, B. K. Rachford, W. S. Tingley, C. B. Schoolfield, Clarence G. R. Schoolfield, Douglas Schoolfield, and C. C. Barbour.

About 1895, the Jenkins Hospital was established at the northeast corner of Seventh and Isabella Streets, Newport.  The founders were Dr. J. Oliver Jenkins and Dr. E. B. Bayless.  The doctors had an operating unit on the first floor and a ward of five or six beds on the second floor.  The hospital was closed in 1897 when Speers Hospital was opened in Dayton.


Northern Kentucky Views is indebted to A Medical History of Campbell and Kenton Counties, published by the Campbell-Kenton Medical Society for above.  Authors credited are Alvin Poweleit, MD, F.A.C.S.; James A. Schroer, MD; with assistance from Margaret Strebel Hartman.