A settlement of about 600 inhabitants, and the county seat of Campbell county, near the center of which it is situated, 13 miles from Newport. Canton [Kenton?], on the Kentucky Central R.R., 5 miles distant is its nearest station. The village contains a steam saw mill, brewery, 6 churches--Baptist, Methodist, North, Methodist, South, Catholic, Lutheran and Christian. It was first settled in 1796 and incorporated as a town in 1834. Stage to Newport. Daily mail. Peter Kronz, postmaster.

Business Directory

Baker, R.T., lawyer.
Boyers, B.A., County Surveyor and real estate agent.
Brill, John, sheet-iron worker.
Brothers, A.R., attorney-at-law.
Farnish, A.C., gunsmith.
Gerlach, Geo. P., tailor
Gerlach, Philipp, dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots, shoes and general merchandise.
Greenwood, W.H., lawyer.
Griffey House, T.M. White propr.
Hewett & Rust, wagon and blacksmith shop.
Hochrathe, George, saloon.
Kircher, Frank, saw and grist mill.
Kronz, Peter, general store and postmaster.
Lutz, Charles, hotel.
Meiers, Mathias, boot and shoemaker.
Meister, August, brewery.
Murray & Wagner, blacksmiths.
Nelson & Hill (R.W. Nelson, T.M. Hill), attorneys-at-law.
Orr, Edward, physician.
Reiley, Edward, attorney-at-law.
Reizfort, H.K., physician.
Riggall, Robert, wagonmaker.
Spilman, Henry, lawyer.
Todd & Wright, general store.
Tritschler, Matthias, hotel.
Vitt, F.S., saddles and harness.
White, J. & W.W., general store.
White, T.M., propr. Griffey House.
Winterhalter, Mrs. S., hotel.


This info is from the Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published in 1876-77 by R. L. Polk in Louisville. Items in bold were bolded in the original