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Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River
Carrollton & Prestonville Bridge 
Over The Kentucky River
Mouth of the Kentucky
River, 1909
Mouth of the Picturesque
Kentucky River

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The building of the original bridge over the Kentucky River was not without some controversy. 
The rivermen didn't want one.  Read about the issues, here.

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cold Kentucky River
Kentucky River Kentucky River
A very cold day,
c. 1935
Kentucky River Bridge Toll Bridge, Carrollton
Thanks to Bill Davis for the image.
Kentucky River Bridge,
c. 1910


Kentucky  River Kentucky  River
Kentucky River Scene Toll Gate on Bridge


Kentucky River Bridgenew

The new bridge and the old bridge





Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River
The Mouth of the Kentucky River, Carrollton, all c. 1908


Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River
Tollgate on the bridge
William Shelton and
unknown man
Kentucky River
Mouth of the Kentucky, 1915,
looking northerly
Up the Kentucky River
from Lock #1
published by Ford Drug Co., c. 1910


Kentucky River

Scene on the Kentucky River, Carrollton
from the back of the postcard: “These towers or tanks you see on 
either side of the river mark the location of two famous distilleries, 
the “Old Darling” on the right, “Richland” on the left. 
 One now torn down and the other sold for a song.”


Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River
Kentucky River Scene,
Kentucky River Scene The Coal Fleet in the
Kentucky River, circa 1935
Carrollton Coal Co's Fleet
on the Kentucky River


Kentucky River

For a brief time, The Kentucky River was going to be the boundary of the British
 Territory of Vandalia.  You can read more about it at Wikipedia, here.


new Kentucky River Kentucky River
Views of the pre-glacial channels of the Kentucky River. For more, see our page here.


Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River

Kentucky River Navigation  charts, with some nice details.
 These are continued on the Owen County pages, here.

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“Brother I. M. Collyer, a regular sprinkler, while crossing from Prestonville to Carrollton, Wednesday morning, walked into a place from which the ice had been removed the day before but was hidden by the newly fallen snow, and went in up to his shoulders.  He is now convinced more thoroughly than ever before that immersion as baptism is irrational.” clipping from an unknown newspaper, 1879
The story, from 1900, about the opening of a brand new bridge across the Kentucky River.  Read it here. (pdf) The story of bridge's approval, from 1898, is here.
Legislature approves Kentucky River ferry in 1813. newLegislature makes some rules for the Kentucky River ferry in 1836,
newThere's an old stone house on the banks of the Kentucky that's on the National Register of Historic Places. The application, with a history of the place, and an architectural analysis, is here.
Legislature requires free ferry for voters. Then they repeal it. In 1791, militia's stationed at the point encounter Indians.
newBridge construction has begun in 1890, and the rivermen are finally OK with it.  
“The Kentucky River is frozen over and persons cross, walking on the ice.”   from an October,1872 newspaper clipping; which paper and  exact date are unknown. An Overview of Kentucky River Locks and Dams, here.
And then there was the proposal to build a tunnel under the Kentucky River at Carrollton.  Read about it here. Charles Johnson reminisces about the boats that used to ply  the Kentucky River, and other Kentucky River memories, here.
“The timbers are now ready for the foundations of the Little Kentucky bridge.  The superstructure, which is to be entirely of wrought iron, is being manufactured by Messrs. Barbaroux & Co. of Louisville, and will soon be ready.” from the Carrollton Democrat, October 22, 1870

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Kentucky River Kentucky River

On the Kentucky River, maybe in
Carroll County, maybe not.


Kentucky River Scene
(Likely not Carroll County, but this was
a typical way of getting your logs to market,
and is a probable scene on the Kentucky
River in Carrollton many years ago.)

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Kentucky River Kentucky River Kentucky River Bridge over the Little Kentucky
1928 c. 1910 c. 1932 c. 1955
Scene below Carrollton, Kentucky, bridge over the Little Kentucky River


“Messrs. Barbaroux & Co., of Louisville have taken the contract for building the Little Kentucky bridge. It is to be of iron - a single span of 180 feet- to be completed by the 1st of November.” Courier-Journal, August 1, 1870 “The Little Kentucky river bridge is completed and has been received by the Carroll County Court, and is now open to the public for travel. It is 180 feet span and is said to be the neatest and most substantial structure of the kind in that part of the State.” Courier-Journal, February 13, 1871


Kentucky River

Little Kentucky River Valley. 1932

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