The Carroll Seminary
 The Carroll Seminary was preceded at its location by the
 Gallatin Academy and was followed by the Carrollton 
High School and the current Carroll County Middle School. 
Thanks to Bill Davis for this one.

Primary School, Carrollton, 1910

High School, Carrollton
on East side of Sixth, between Taylor and Railroad


High School, Carrollton


Carrollton High School Library, 1949
That's Miss Spaulding, the librarian,
standing in the corner

Dunbar Colored School, Hawkins & Ninth
Previous Site was at Hawkins and Ninth


1926 Carrollton Football Team

St. John's School,
Parsonage and
 Church, 1902

Carroll County Area
 Vocational Education Center


Carroll County Memorial Recreation Center

Aerial of School Grounds, 1970

Aerial of School Grounds, 1971

History of the Carroll County Schools, here. (pdf)

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