Ele Bowen's Description of Carrollton


Carrollton is ten miles below Vevay, and forty-five from Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky.  It is the county seat for Carroll, in that state, and has a population one thousand.  It was first settled in 1784, by a Mr. Elliott, whose house was shortly after burned by Indians, and himself killed.  In 1786, a block house was put up, but the inmates were driven off by the savages.  Some time subsequently, however, the post was fortified by Gen. Charles Scott, and was occupied until 1792, when the present town was laid off.  The Kentucky river here empties into the Ohio.  It is navigable for flat-boats about one hundred and fifty miles; but by means of slack water, it has been rendered navigable for steamboats as high as Frankfort.


from Ele Bowen's Rambles in the Path of the Steam-Horse, 1855.  You can read the entire text of Bowen's travels at Google Books.