Telephoned from a Train

Successful Test of a Louisville Man's Invention


Special to the New York Times. Louisville, Ky., Dec. 21 - A successful test of a device for telephoning from moving trains was made this afternoon from a train going at twenty miles an hour on Worthington-Carrollton [sic] line of the Louisville & Nashville, about sixty miles east of here,  Message were sent to this city and to other cities over the long-distance lines from here with unusual distinctness.

Connection was made through this city to the Associated Press offices in New York City, but the conversation at that point was not a success, owing to the heavy weather at some point in the east.

The apparatus used is the invention of Dr. A. D. Jones of this city.  The telephone on the train was connected with a trolley arrangement on the pilot of the engine from which, by means of a stream of chemicalized steam, the circuit was completed with two wires stretched alongside the track.


from New York Times, December 22, 1906.