Sanders Baptist Church

The Sanders Baptist Church was organized by a committee from the New Liberty Church at a meeting at the Sanders schoolhouse on August 16, 1874.  It was known as the Liberty Station Baptist Church as that was the name the town went by then.  It was later changed to Sanders to honor George Washington Sanders.  Land for the church building was donated by Solomon McDanell.  The original church building was struck by lightening on May 23, 1902 at 2:30 a.m. and was completely destroyed by fire, but the furniture was saved.  The present building was built in 1903 and dedicated on October 11 of that year.  The plans were drawn by one of our residents, Dr. R. N. Williams, who was also the first member.

 For several years this church held half-time services with Worthville Baptist Church in 1921 and 1922, with Rev. W. E. Hayden; and with New Liberty Church, with pastors Rev. Wallace, Rev. Howerton, and Rev. Henderson.  Henderson was principal of the Sanders School. 

In 1922 the church went to full time with Rev. J. D. Matherson as pastor.  The Ladies Aid Missionary Society was converted to Woman's Missionary Society in 1922 under the leadership of Mrs. J. D. Matherson. Five Sunday School rooms were added in 1924 and in August, 1962, a new $15,000 addition was built with dining room, kitchen, 3 bath rooms and parsonage upstairs.  It was completed by the Adams Construction Company of Carrollton in November, 1962 at a cost of $15,000.  

The church for many years has been served by student pastors from the Louisville Theological Seminary, and now many of our ex-pastors are scattered about this land as pastors and chaplains, having served in the church here, in a most worthy way.  Deacons and trustees of the church in past years include: W. H. Ralston, John Weldon, H. N. Towles, F. A. Mattick, Orey O'Connor, G. H. Sanders, Thomas Baker, Wm. J. Tanner, W. T. Furnish,  W. B. Sanders, G. W. Deatherage, J. T. Harris, L. R. North, J. B. Riley, Allie Dawson, and R. U. Williams.  

The present pastor is Rev. John Mitchell.  One book of the records of the church was lost and I am sure that it included records which could have been used in this account.  


by Mrs. Bertha West, from an undated copy in the files of the Carroll County Library in Carrollton.