Sanders Christian Church

 Due to fact the old records have been destroyed, only a brief sketch will be given of Sanders Christian Church, information gathered from some of the older members. The ground was donated by Mr. Frank Sandfor, Sr. and the erection of the church begun in the year of 1883 or 1884.  Revs. Beasley and W. H. Pnkerton began the work by making plans and then going to the woods with men to get the logs to have sawed into lumber.  Some of the members assisting were Henry McDarment, Lawson Moore, Frank Sandford, Sr., George Rice, Charles Breeden, Lawson Sanders, W. A. Shirley, Dant Jennings and many others whose names can not be recalled just now. Services were held, prior to the erection of a church, in a school building, later changed into a dwelling and now occupied by Sam Sanders. The women assisted by cooking for the men while they were getting the logs and erecting the building. Some of the former Sunday School Superintendents were Lawson Moore, W. A. Shirley, and Will McDarment. Some of the pastors who served years ago were Rev. Pinkerton, Beasley, D. T. Buck, Lawson, Stafford, H. W. Elliott, of Sulphur; Finnell and J. Murray Taylor, of Memphis, Tennessee. Of the charter members only three are living, they being Mrs. Ella McDarment Griffith, daugher of Henry McDarment, who was instrumental in building the church, and Mrs. Maggie Williams, both of Sanders, and Mr. Charles Breeden, of Warsaw, Ky. Sunday school is held every Sunday at 10 o'clock, preaching services first Sunday of each month; Christian Endeavor and prayer meeting each Friday evening.  A revival is held each year.  This year our revival is held in May, and then a week's service was held in September.  Fifth Sunday offering is given to Christian Widows' and Orphans' Home in Louisville, also donations of fruit, preserves, vegetable and eggs during the year.  


From an undated copy in the files of the Carroll County Library in Carrollton. It's by  Mrs. G. W. Shirley, Secretary-Treasurer of the Sunday School