Shoots Girl in Taxicab

When Pursued by Police Her Assailant Turns Gun on Himself

Grand Rapids, MI., June 28. - L. H. Scheurman, said to be a wealthy furniture manufacturer of Carrollton, Ky., today shot and fatally wounded Miss Elizabeth Moore, 28 years old, daughter of the postmaster of Lyons, Mich., in a closed taxicab, and when pursued by police, turned the gun on himself, inflicting sounds considered fatal.

According to a witness, the shooting was the result of the woman's refusal to marry Sheurman, who is several years her senior.  Scheurman has been attending the furniture show.  Miss Morse was visiting the city.  Last night the two spent the evening at a cafe in company with with a young woman friend of Miss Morse.  The three were on the way home when the shooting occurred.


from the New York Times, June 29, 1912

Update:  He lived, and escaped jail time.  More here.