The Commercial Hotel

An Ably-Managed, Well-Kept Hostelry, Clean, Light and Inviting, R. Weldon, Proprietor

If there is anything in the world that gives comfort and relief to the weary traveler’s mind it is to know when his destination is reached he can find a comfortable home-like place in which to stop.   In Warsaw, the Commercial House is just this kind of place – large, convenient and home-like, a number of bed rooms, newly and tastefully furnished and fitted up with soft beds, cleanly surroundings and well ventilated, with large, commodious office, clean, tasty dining room, the tables of which are bountifully loaded three times a day with the purest and best foods the market affords.  It is also supplied with spacious parlors, all of which are on the ground floor.  The house is conveniently located right in the business center of the town, and the landlord, Mr. R. Weldon, had had long years of experience, is a courteous, obliging gentleman, who takes special pains to treat his guests with the greatest considerations,  is solicitous to their welfare.  His place is doing a prosperous, thriving business, while his rates are only $3.50 per day.  The accommodations are first-class in every respect.  One important feature that made his house popular is that Mrs. Weldon, an accomplished, intelligent, obliging lady, oversees the management of everything; looks after the cooking, and the general cleanliness, is genial and kind, and does her part in making the house the most popular place in the country.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898