Eagle Hotel


E. Marshall, Prop’r – Hotel, Livery and Feed Stable – Well Kept; Ably Managed – A Desirable Stopping Place  

Among the old popular hostelries of Warsaw, some stand higher in the public esteem, or are more worthy of patronage of the traveling public than the well-known Eagle Hotel.  This is one of the best kept, neatly arranged hotels in the land.  The meals are well-cooked, clean and abundant; neatly served, while the prices are always reasonable.  The bar is supplied with the best of all kinds of liquors and cigars, and a quiet orderly place where gentleman go for a pleasant pastime.  When it comes to the livery and feed business Mr. Marshall has a full line of good traveling horses; neat, desirable rigs, and can make quick safe trips to all points desired.  The place is one of our most worthy institutions and the proprietor one of our best townsmen and most deserving citizens, and those who patronize him are kindly treated and given the best of accommodations.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898