F. W. Wolff


Wharfmaster – Steamboat Agent – Popular Businessman

No one concern is more important to the welfare and comfort of the people, or contributes more to the safety of all of our shipping interests that our well-known and popular freight and passenger wharfmaster, F. W. Wolff, who has for five years so conducted his business and so treated the general public that he has earned for himself a reputation as a fair, truthful, careful, accommodating businessman. Mr. Wolff’s administration of shipping affairs has been so able and so perfect that no reasonable man has ever found anything but words of praise for his able conduct and superior facilities.  The boat is conveniently located at the foot of Main Cross street.  It is a well-made, solidly constructed vessel, 160 feet long by 35 feet wide, with ample room and storage accommodations for all the shipping interests of the town and vicinity.  It has been the aim of Mr. Wolff, since he has been the wharfmaster at this place, to give the people every advantage and accommodation consistent with a safe and fair administration of his affairs.  He is very reasonable in all his charges, seldom making the rates as high as is his right to do, and that is not all, he is always on hand to receive and deliver freight at any hour of the day or night, and shippers have learned to know that  their freight is always safe, dry, and well-cared for when  Mr. Wolff is in charge.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898