Gregory & Graham

Mammoth Livery and Feed Stable and Warsaw and Sparta Hack Line; Extensive Dealers in Coal, Lime & Cement  

Of the many prominent branches of Warsaw’s commercial enterprises, her livery and feed business is one of the most important and one of the most commodious, best furnished and most thoroughly equipped livery stables in the country is located here.  It is well arranged for the speedy and comfortable accommodation of customers. They have good drivers, a full line of handsome rigs, and are prepared to furnish carriages for funerals, parties, or other occasions, and carry commercial travelers with their sample cases, to any points desired, at most reasonable rates.   They carry a full line of coal, both hard and soft, also a stock of the best lime and cement.  Sell these goods as low as they can be had, give you square weight and treat you just and right.   These gentlemen have been engaged in business here for the past two years.  They are not only steady and faithful to their business, but by their careful judicious methods of dealing, have established a reputation as leading, worthy and progressive business men.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898