Louis Gutting


Clean Meat Market – Fresh, Purity and Good Quality

This gentleman is without a doubt the finest butcher Gallatin count has had for many a day.  He is eminently fitted for the prosecution of his business; he secures the best of stock, buying none but the soundest healthiest young animals and is able to judge in advance the qualities of their flesh.  Thus his meats are always pure, tender and good.   Mr. Gutting is an absolute master of his business, and always gives the best satisfaction to his numerous patrons.  He kills and puts in fine mercantile shape every pound of meat he offers for sale, and he also makes a specialty of handling only the finest lard and sausage, and that always of his own make.  In fact, you will find at his store everything scrupulously neat and clean, the meats pure and wholesome, embracing the very best beef, pork, mutton, ham, veal and lard to be found in any market.   Mr. Gutting is strictly honest in his weights and measures, prompt and courteous to the trade, and you can depend on your order being carefully and satisfactorily filled.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898