Mountjoy and White

The Mercantile House Where Merit, Perseverance, Honesty and Low Prices Have Brought for Its Proprietors Their Just Reward

Of the large number of houses in the same line of trade thee are usually a few who, by their intimate acquaintance and close attention to business, together with a full knowledge of the requirements of their customers and the class of goods demanded by the trade, together with thorough experience, ample capital and judicial management, are enabled to offer the best inducements to be honestly obtained. 

A house in this class is located on the Public Square and is the property of those popular, enterprising hustlers, Mountjoy & White. 

This house was established in 1877 by J. E. Mountjoy in a small way, but as trade grew and people flocked to his store because he carried the best and sold the cheapest, his business increased and extended, and his capacity was enlarged until in 1892, when Mr. White became a partner.  The house stood in the lead among Warsaw’s progressive business establishments, and is still pushing to the fore with one of the largest stocks of Dry Goods in Gallatin County.  The assortment is carefully selected and embraces goods that are new stylish and pleasing to the eye, and at the same time strong, durable and from the best mills in the country.  The dress goods department is unsurpassed anywhere, the latest weaves, the most choice fabrics, the daintiest designs from the cheapest to the most costly, all sold at prices as low as the lowest. Notions of all kinds; underwear to suit all, and the numerous other things that trade demands are carried her in large quantity and endless variety. 

Clothing, Hats, Caps, and Gents’ Furnishing Goods. 

A stock of this class of goods is carried which has been so carefully selected, so complete in variety and so full in quantity and bought with the special purpose of supplying the demands of the trade at this place that every person who is or may become a customer of this house is provided for, both in style and price of goods, the stock being the largest in Gallatin county. 

The stock of Hats, Caps and Gents’ Furnishing Goods and Underwear is also gilt edge, with trunks and valises galore. 

Boots and Shoes 

The largest Stock, the Lowest Prices.  To clothe the feet, the keep them warm and neat in appearance, with comfort and east for the wearer is a secret that Mountjoy & White are able to solve, and the, too, at prices that competitors will be unable to duplicate.  There is not a style, size, or grade of boot or shoes demanded by the trade that is not carried in this well-regulated, heavily stocked shoe emporium of the town.  While rubber goods are carried in the same extensive way. 

This form is a progressive, up-to-date establishment, buy right and sell right.   low grade of goods may be sold by any dealer, but this fiorm, by buiyiunbg goods in a judicious, intelligent manor are enabled to sell goods cheap.  Their manner of doing business is well known to our people and highly appreciated by the general public.  The fact that this house has maintained its prominent position in the estimation of the people after a prosperous career of so many years is the best evidence that this firm could assign as the satisfaction given.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898