Robert Wood

County Attorney of Gallatin County – A Self-Made Man It is easy to start in life and climb the ladder of success with some one to “boost” you at every turn, but when one is alone, with none to help in time of trouble, then it takes a man of nerve, a man of perseverance, a man of energy. This is the kind of material out of which Robert Wood is made and these are the obstacles that he has overcome in route: He was a poor boy, an orphan, with few friends and no money, yet he worked with all his might at whatever his hands found to do. With nothing but a common school education, he began the study of law, and though many times disheartened, he has succeeded in mastering his profession, and is now one of the most prominent attorneys at the bar. A gentleman of honor, courtesy, and perseverance.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898