S. B. Grubbs


County Supervisor of Roads and Bridges – Extensive Dealer in Belmont and Anthracitic Coal  

Samuel B. Grubbs was born in Boone county, Ky., but has spent most of his life in Gallatin.  He is well-known to our people as a man of honor and integrity.  In addition to performing his arduous duties as supervisor of roads, Mr. Grubbs is extensively engaged in the coal trade and has the exclusive agency for the celebrated Belmont coal, than which there is none better and few its equal.  It only need to be tried to be prove its superior excellence, while he sells it cheaper than other coal.  Anthracite is also handled and persons can always depend on getting the best of everything in the coal line at the lowest prices, with honest weights and measures.  Office in Court house.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898