T. H. Kirby


A Prominent, Popular Figure in Warsaw and Gallatin County

In the make-up of a community we find every class and species of man; some are leaders and by their real force of character, intelligence and wisdom are chosen by the people to represent them in positions where judgment and good business capacity are required.   We have in Warsaw a man clearly of this type, Mr. T. H. Kirby, well-known to all our people.  He is the son of William H. Kirby, and has lived in our midst all his lie.  He went to school at our schools, grew up with the rest of us, always kind, true, genial and obliging, possessed of high opinions of right and justice, a clear clean conservative, judicious man.  He has, from almost the days of his boyhood, been connected in some way or another with the Post Office, and when knotty questions came up, it was him who knew what to do, he, being thoroughly competent in all the details and routine of that work, with a clear head and a quick perception, he has always been the stand-by.   In politics Mr. Kirby has from his earliest boyhood espoused the cause of Republicanism.  He believes in its principles of protection to American workman, he believes in sound money, and he also believes in good government, honest elections and to the victors belong the fruits of his victory.  Mr. Kirby is a constant worker for the principles which he believes to be right, and while all men are his friends, he is unswerving in his dedication to the Republican Party, a valuable man in the town in which he lives, a benefit to society, and as Postmaster of Warsaw he is the right man in the right place.   He takes pride in his office, has it elegantly fitted up, the best fourth-class office in the country.  He has the modern lock-boxes of different sizes, is prompt and careful to see that every patron of the office is courteously and properly waited upon.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898