W. B. Lineback


Manufacturer and Dealer in Saddlery and Harnesses, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Collars, Harness, Etc.

While reviewing the city and its various enterprises, in order to show the world their magnitude, we desire especially to present to our many readers the largest, leading and representative house in the saddle and harness trade.  We would judge from the large stock of goods carried, the immense volume of business that is done, and the excellent capacity to accommodate all patrons that the above named house is the largest and best in Gallatin or surrounding counties and we would especially call your attention to what pluck and energy had done for this saddle and harness business of this place.

  W. H. Lineback, who operates the business, is a first-class saddle and harness maker.  His father, T. M. Lineback who carried on the business became an invalid, and W. B,. Lineback, then a mere boy, had to manage the business the best that he could, and having a tact for the business, together with an indomitable will, he soon mastered the trade, and has carried it on so successfully that today it is classed as one of the best establishments  of the kind in the surrounding country.  He had from the beginning kept adding to and improving the business from time to time in a way of variety of stock and amount of goods until he now occupies two large rooms in which to store his mammoth stock.  There is not an article, from a hame strap  to a set of harnesses he does not carry, while the stock of the lap robes, saddles, buggy whips, horse blankets, etc. is so complete that he is able to suit everybody. 

He has established the best harness shop ever in this section of the country.  There is not an article in the harness line that he does not carry, and that of th4e very best quality in the market.  His stock embraces a full line of harness, both light and heavy, brushes, curry combs, horse collars, everything that is usually kept in a first-class saddle and harness emporium.  He has in his employ during the busy season a first-class assistant, and by this means he keeps his work up and is able to give the best of satisfaction as to both work and prices.  By the closes attention to business he has shown the fruits of his labor.  All can testify to his honesty and that he does honest work.  All who deal with him get good, substantial work.  He also repairs saddles, bridles and harnesses in a satisfactory manner.  This accounts for his substantial and excellent trade.  He is located on the east side of the street, opposite J. H. McDanell & Sons.


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898