Winters & White

Funeral Directors and Embalmers.  Men of Mature Years, Good Judgment; Safe, Careful, Capable.  

As the people advance in civilization, refinement and culture, their love for family and friends depends and becomes more strong, and they become more particular and more careful about the care and attention given to the remains of their loved ones who are called to their last resting place.  Thus it is that when that sad Messenger of Death enters into our household, the great question that confronts us, is, who can most satisfactorily perform the last sad rites.  In this as in all other emergencies we have in our town a man eminently qualified for this work,  Geo. W. Winters, who has active charge of the affairs of Winters & White, is thoroughly competent, familiar with every detail, and has earned a reputation for his reserve, for his great consideration for the feelings of the friends of the deceased, as well as for his promptness, obliging disposition and thorough equipment.   Mr. Winters is a graduate of Sullivan’s College of Embalming, is able to preserve a body for any desired length of time, has an elegant hearse and a large assortment of caskets of every grade and style, with approved cooling boards, burial robes. etc.  He has had eight years of experience, is known to be a thoroughly considerate, obliging gentleman who does all in his power to alleviate the sadness and distress of those into whose household he may be called.  He is prompt in answering calls, very reasonable in charges and a good man with a kind heart.  


from the Warsaw Independent, January 22, 1898