markland dam




Markand Dam under Construction
note that the old dam is visible in some of these images
Markland  Dam was  dedicated October  12, 1963



If you were at the Markland Dedication, they gave you a special penny.


Markland Dam Aerial View,
November, 1962

Craig's Creek Aerial View

Markland, Indiana,
 1937 Flood





Markland Dam Construction Scenes, 1957



Loose Barges Crash into Markland
May,  1967

The picture above, and those in the boxes below are all from May of 1967,
when a barge crashed into Markland, and caused the pool to drain.  The story is here.

Markland Dam


Sugar Creek


Sugar Creek


Craig's Creek Foot of
Main Cross
Dan's Marina


Gallatin County Fish and
 Game Club during
 the 1967 pool draining.

The Clare E. Beatty in the
winter of 1977-78, in an ice
dam above Markland Dam.


 The Delta Queen in
the Markland Locks.
 The Delta Queen in
the Markland Locks.


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