To the Editor of the Recorder:

Glencoe presents a dull appearance to even a casual observer at present, though we presume that it is nor far behind the average village in this respect.  Our merchants report business as "looking up" a little.  We have had quite a siege of dullness in this line of business, but we now hope that it will soon be numbered with the things that were.

The pike proposed from this place to Jonesville will soon bud forth into a genuine reality.  A meeting was held a few days since, the object in view to being to elect officers; and this the stockholders did, exercising great judgment in the selection they made.  The citizens of Poplar Grove, and vicinity have recently ordered a meeting, with a view to discussing the propriety of a turnpike from that place to Glencoe.  Either of these pikes will develop a good country, besides being a great benefit to our town.

Mr. Noell, formerly a resident of your county, is now the proprietor of the hotel in this place formerly occupied by Sails.  He is a live, wide-awake landlord of the day, and we predict a prosperous future in store for him.


from the Boone County Recorder, April 3, 1879